Meet the Wingos

Joel + Ashley met in 2001 at Bible College in Southern California. The next few years brought an engagement, their college graduation, a wedding, and four babies (through birth and adoption). On Sundays, the family would make the long drive to church, discussing the best baby names in the Bible.


Ten years after the birth of their "last" child, the Wingos received a phone call that would change their lives—their social worker asking them to take placement of newborn twins! Following a long journey in foster care, the boys' adoption was finalized in May of 2021.


Now that they are parents to six beautiful children (from toddlers to teenagers), they've decided put all that baby name talk and their long list of beautiful names on the internet for other families looking for a theologically meaningful names.


Dr. Joel Wingo works in Christian higher education and Ashley's background is in professional photography + social media. They are currently focusing on raising their six children, completing renovations on their new (very old) home, and hoping this website encourages parents to teach their children about foster care & adoption, using the free resources provided here!

Where did "Rather Than Great Riches" come from?

It came from a play on words of a verse that tells us a good reputation is more important than material wealth.

A good name is to be chosen
rather than great riches

Proverbs 22:1 (ESV)

Located in Houston, Texas