Foster Care + Adoption

One of the first things you will learn about us is that we love being a part of Orphan Care in whatever way we can! Because of this, we have fostered many children over the last few years. And, even more incredible, three of our sons came to us through adoption!

However, both foster care and adoption are an unquestionably complex. This meant that, during the process, we were cautious, and even afraid at times. We had no idea what our journey would look like, but simultaneously trusted that God would guide our family regardless of the circumstances.

Eventually, the anxiety turned to joy with each child that joined our family. (Even when it was temporary!)

In the last 16 years, we’ve been honored to speak at events, host conferences and training events, lead a church-based ministry, teach classes, write for magazines, + more. Are we done yet? Nope! So long as there are children in need, we will be advocating and doing what we can!

Orphan Care for Kids Curriculum

One project that we are most excited about is our Orphan Care for Kids curriculum. We worked long and hard on this to create a simple way for parents to talk to their kids about both foster care and adoption. The topics covered in this resources will give parents and kids a truthful look at what orphan care is all about. (Since this is a deeply sensitive conversation, we recommend that you as parents read through the curriculum first to see if if your child is ready for the topics addressed.)

We will be releasing the Orphan Care Unit Study in 2023! To download your free copy of Orphan Care for Kids sign up below and it will be emailed to you as soon as it’s available.

homeschool adoption curriculum for kids

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