Beautiful Names of Bad People in the Bible

It’s feels appropriate when a villain in the Bible has an awful name. Abimelech is a great example, since both his name and his story are pretty revolting, it seems to fit perfectly. However, some of the names below would be considered rare beauties…if only their association with these biblical examples wasn’t so unfortuate!

Bad guys with good names
The Death of Korah, Dathan and Abiram by Gustave Dore

Cain: The son of Adam and Eve, most well known for murdering his brother, Abel, in Genesis 4. Meaning: “spear.”

Sapphira: Acts 5 tells the story of Sapphira and her husband, the famous hypocrites who lied to God and died instantly. Meaning: “sapphire.”

Delilah: Betrayed Samson to the Philistines in Judges. This was arguably still a beloved girls name in the 2000s, although most people don’t connect it to the infamous biblical character. The song “Hey There Delilah” is probably a more common (and pleasant) association. Meaning: “delicate.”

Aven: Hosea speaks of the place “Beth-El” (house of God), but uses a derogatory term “Beth-Aven” (house of wickedness) because of their sins. Meaning: “vanity” or “wickedness.”

Korah: The most notable biblical Korah is in Numbers 16. He and his followers revolt against Moses. Korah, all of his followers & their families were swallowed up into the ground. Meaning: “baldness.”

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