Zelah: Side

Is zelah a bible name

We would never have guessed the name Zelah is biblical name, would you?! This name feels very up and coming as it reminds us of some of other stylish Z names rising on the charts. (We even used one for our daughter, Zara.)


Original Language + Form: Hebrew צֵלָע

Range of Meanings: Side

Concept: The side which is attached and part of the whole

References or Context: The location Zelah is referenced twice in the Bible. First, as one of the fourteen cities of the tribe of Benjamin and again as the location where King Saul was buried. Zelah or Zela are the two common spellings of this place name (toponym).

However, tsela is the common spelling of the Hebrew word meaning “side”. We see this word used throughout text in Genesis 2, where is speaks of God taking from Adam’s “side” to create Eve, and then again when speaking about the “side” of the temple and ark in Exodus & Ezekiel.

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